Tuesday, 10 January 2012

USMC M1A1 progress

This rusty M1 has been a taken some time due to the extra steps in the rust using oils and the extra chipping effect. The turret rust and weathering is near complete I will do dust and dirt effects and then final assembly. Then onto the hull.


  1. Hi Chris! Very nice to see a new "shape" :D from you. I mean I liked very much your Leopards' project, but this is something new. howewer, can you tell me why did you choice this color? It seems to me too light, or do you have a nice reference photo? Anyway, good luck for finish on the same high level as your Leo's

    Cheers: Gergo

  2. Hi Gergo
    I have some photos of the platoon of USMC M1A1a that are rusty and have worn and faded paint I was going to post pictures here that can be published so keep watching. I do have pictures that will be in a upcoming book about the Marine tanks, unfortunately I can`t post them. Thanks for you comments.