Friday, 13 February 2015

USMC M48 Vietnam War.
this is my rendition of a M48. I'm not big on dry pigments but to get the red dust look it was important I try to work with them. I did learn some new tricks. To get the blend of light white dust to red was a challenge. studying the photos of armor in Vietnam I noticed many color variations in the mud and dust. The model will be in a up coming publication and will focus on the improvements to the Dragon kit and how to do Vietnam dust/dirt/mud.
Big thanks to Def.Model for providing the Resin improvements for the Dragon kit, including rear Grill,wheels,search light, gun mantlet cover and many of the storage bits. thanks to Adam Wilder for good advise on the green tone, to get more info on how to get that tone check out the SMA current issue where Adam's M113 is featured.

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  1. This looks excellent, that first shot looks great. Nice work.