Sunday, 27 March 2011

2A4 turret

I started on removing the turret detail,lots of sanding again.
turret out of the box

Now with the molded detail removed,holes filled and voids puttied over.

The card in the periscopes are backing for thin dark clear plastic that will be installed last.

All the panel lines are scribed.


  1. Hi Chris
    I'm interested to know how you treat your periscope faces. You obviously don't like using the clear windows that HB supply.


  2. Mike I use old picture slides. I have some from my Grandfathers collection. I went through the collection and found about 20 that where miss shots. 20 1 inch by 1 inch slides is a life time supply. I plan to cover that more closely when I get to that in this build but that`s a long time from now.