Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Leopard 2A4 Adding details

From here on the new post will be at the top of the home page. I started adding back details I add the things in order of how much handling of the model is required. The weld seams that are missing from the kit are plenty and they require me the handle the kit.
In this picture (below) you can see I added a gusset to lift the rear deck,this is required for all Leo 2 kits on the market. I do this to avoid turret sag in the rear.


  1. Hi Chris
    When you drill out the holes for the sunken bolts, I see that you drill right through. When you replace the bolts, how do you position them? Do you cover the bottom of the hole with plastic card?

  2. right Mike, I glue plastic card to the inside and then add hex rod. I have it done and that will be the next update to the build. I'll take pictures of the bolts.