Friday, 4 March 2011

Leopard 2A4 build

I'm often asked about my Leopard 2A4 builds. Modelers want to know about the Hobby Boss kit and they often ask how much work is needed to get a decent model of the Leopard 2A4 using the Hobby Boss kit. They want to know what parts/products I used and what modifications are needed. The 2A4 is a popular modeling subject and due to the poor selection of products on the market people are reluctant to attempt A build of this popular MBT. I'm hoping this blog will help people with questions about the process of building an accurate Leo 2A4. I will try to be as detailed as time will allow and I will include pictures of all the products I will be using.

Good reference are a must, The website Prime Portal has many good pictures of Leopards

I start with the hull modifications first, here's the upper hull.

I have a selection of tools to cut,drill,plane and sand the plastic. The wet-dry sand paper is taped to plexi glass using double sided tape. A cordless drill is a good thing to have, there will be alot of drilling.

The parts that will be removed are marked with a red dot

All the molded on detail is remove. Bad bolt heads are drilled out and new more detailed ones will be added
The Hobby Boss platic is very good.
The molded on hatches are cut out.

I scribe the panel seams using a variety of tools and clean them up with a tooth brush.
Time to get going with the Perfect Scale upgrade resin kit. This kit is a great addition for the HB Leo The first part to prepare is the rear of the hull.
You have to do a little cutting and sanding to get this piece in place. It works out fine,here the panel is laid in place. Before I glue it in I have to finish up the internal work IE the doors and recessed bolt holes.
I glued the resin part to the top half of the hull using thick slow drying glue. On the inside I used 2 part epoxy to insure a firm hold.

After gluing the upper and lower hull together I will fill the cracks with putty

While the putty dries I work on correcting A side door that is modeled wrong on the HB kit. There is very few mistakes with the kit,the corrections are mostly bad detail

This is the tank I am modeling.


  1. Good idea on the drilled bolt heads. I do the same to help remember the bolt patterns etc!

    Nice work.


  2. Yeah and when you get to the paint the bolts stay on.