Friday, 1 April 2022

Cat D8 part two. 

build complete. 


his is part 2 of the Cat D8 project, build part done, I'll start painting today. This is A D8 used by the Australians in Vietnam. They used the large crawler to clear jungle for base camps etc.
There was several versions used with different armour and protection. The one That caught my eye was Brutus with The round roof, Rome Blade, and ripper attached. I've included some of my favorite pictures of the Dozers some photos have the color off but still great reference.
For the Build I used the 1/24 scale kit from AMT as the base. I scratch built the cage and armor around the cab as well other parts. the white parts are 3d prints including the tracks. I had to back date the kit to produce A D8H and then add the Aussie mods.
I purchased the hi res photo of "brutus" from the link below.


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